Thieves target sprinkler system parts for cash

Several South Bend businesses found out on Tuesday that parts of their sprinkler system had been stolen, and replacing those parts aren’t cheap.

Irrigation and sprinkler specialists say thieves are targeting businesses and homeowners for their backflows, a brass valve that fetches thieves only about $25 at a scrap recycling company, but costs victims $200 to $400 to replace.

“With the lack of snow that we have right now, it’s real easy just to grab and go,” said Jim Flatt of H.S. Altman Irrigation….

…”There’s got to be a scrap yard somewhere that’s takin’ ’em, because it continues to happen,” said Flatt.

Most people turn off their sprinkler system by winter. So thieves know they won’t get hit in the face with water if they steal the valves now.