Thieves targeting lawn sprinkler systems

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – With the holidays approaching, homeowners need to beware of thieves trying to steal anything of value. A family near Chamberlain Lane says they caught a man trying to steal the copper valve from their sprinkler system in broad daylight.

According to Debra Von Berhren, the man was wearing a yellow vest like those worn by meter readers, and said he was with the neighborhood and was supposed to be doing work on the lawn irrigation systems.

“I’m sure people probably have seen them, and didn’t think anything of it,” said Von Berhren.

Von Berhren says she has since learned that 15 other neighbors have had the irrigation valves stolen from their sprinkler systems. An irrigation valve is worth nearly $200.


Man charged in metal thefts from irrigation systems

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – A Louisville man is behind bars facing charges related to the theft of irrigation valves.

Metro Police say they arrested 30-year old Bruce Smothers, Jr. around 2 p.m. December 28 at the Hampton Inn at First and Jefferson Streets.

Officers say Smothers was trying to steal the water valve. When approached by a worker, Smothers said he was with the water company and later ran off. Police tracked him down through his license plate number and surveillance video.

LMPD says Smothers also hit multiple homes and businesses across Louisville. In one East End neighborhood, at least 15 homes were targeted.

Smothers faces more than three dozen charges, including theft. He is being held at Louisville Metro Corrections on a $2,500 full cash bond.